Organizing Emails from Multiple Company Accounts in eM Client?

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I’m evaluating eM Client for managing emails from various company accounts. Each account corresponds to a different company, and I’m looking to organize them into individual folders for better management. In my experience with clients like Thunderbird and Outlook, I’ve faced challenges in achieving this level of organization.

Can eM Client facilitate the segregation of emails from multiple company accounts into separate, company-specific folders? Any insights or guidance on how to configure this setup would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, each account you setup will have its own set of folders with an Inbox, Sent, Trash etc. as well as any custom folders you create for that account.

That is how all Exchange and IMAP accounts are setup. To find out more about setting up your accounts, see the Getting Started section in the Documentation (F1).

Thank you for your response. However, I believe there might have been a slight misunderstanding regarding my initial inquiry. I am aware that each account in eM Client has its own standard set of folders. My specific need is to organize emails from multiple email accounts of different companies into separate folders dedicated to each company, regardless of which account the emails originate from.

In other words, I am looking for a way to have, for instance, a folder named “Company A” where I can find all emails related to “Company A”, even though these emails come from multiple email accounts. This is for more efficient management of business communications where I handle multiple companies with different email accounts. Is this possible with eM Client? If so, how can I configure it in this manner?

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Well, you can create Search folders, as long as you have some common criteria that will identify the messages as related to company A. Obviously that won’t be the address they are sent to otherwise they would already be in the same Inbox.

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I used to use (I sold the business & retired though I am on a retainer for a few years) a similar setup where we had not companies but branch offices, 38 of them mailing me every day, and used server side RegEx Rules to divert messages from & to each office and the related client companies and their staff to sub folders related to each branch office main inbox folder. Each branch office and client was allocated a unique identifier used by the Rules, we were able to do this because we knew each client, and where there was no identifier messages were sent to a specific folder for follow up. It took a while to setup, implement & test with the first office then was easily duplicated for the other offices over a 3 month period, it works well with the benefit that not everything is in a single inbox meaning you do not need to search because you know where it is, or should be, there were a few mistakes to start.
So to answer your query, Yes it can be done in eMC but takes a lot of work and time, and whatever route you take as @Gary says you WILL need an identifier to either divert or locate.


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