organize local folders

Sorry for the silly question, but I am trying to change the order of local folders and grouping them. There is any possibility to drag a folder to a different position in the list ? Thanks

Hi Manlio,

You can NOT change the order of local folders. They are sorted on alphabet.

What you can do for example, is number the folders in the order you would like to see them, like:

01 folder A
02 folder B
03 folder C

Grouping of folders is possible. Select the folder you want to move, right click with your mouse and select ‘move to folder…’.

My local folders are not listed alphabetically, I only wish they were but they seem to be in no particular order at all. Very frustrating.

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Hello Elle, subfolders are listed alphabetically, but unfortunately default folders are listed with a priority, this includes your Inbox, sent, junk and other folders, all user created folders however should be listed alphabetically below these folders.


Hi: The new folders that I create (not default, not smart, just user created) go to the bottom of my list of folders. I would like the new ones to appear within the alphabetical order of my existing folders. Can’t find a setting to do this.

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Hi, this is not correct. I have just upgraded to the last version 9.1.2109 (9967b93) and folders ARE NOT ordered alphabetically. Every folder I create new is ordered in creation order.

Is there a way to order them at least alphabetically?

It may be that there is some refresh delay, so does restarting eM Client change the order?

Otherwise system folders are in a specific order; Inbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk, Archive, Outbox, More. You may not have Outbox, or it may be in a different position. More will not be there unless you have hidden folders.

  • Any folders you create in the Inbox will be listed alphabetically as sub-folders of the Inbox.
  • Any folders you create on the same level as the Inbox, will be listed alphabetically following the More folder.
  • Any folders you hide will appear alphabetically inside the More folder.

Could you give a screenshot showing if this order is not as I described?

I found that the only way to fix this is to move the local folder to my online account root, then move it back to local folders and it gets placed in the correct alphabetical order