Order of Folders In Accounts Tree

Is it possible to change the order of folders in the accounts tree? I know you can change the order of accounts but I have one frequently used folder that keeps disappearing off the bottom of the screen and I need it further up the tree.

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to change the order of your subfolders in eM Client, these items are listed alphabetically. If however you only want to change the account order in the left pane, you should be able to do so in your account settings.

Go to Tools > Accounts, select your Account and use the arrows below the list of your accounts to change the order of your accounts in the pane.

Reopening the thread here,
The alphabetical ordering of folders isn’t ideal. I work with a lot of projects and each Project Folder is placed into Month folders. In Outlook I can reorder these to be chronological instead of all the months starting with ‘A’ at the top. Would be a handy feature to allow users to freely order folders.
And as Jeff said, some folders are needed at the top of the tree for frequent or convenient access.

Hello Shaun, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, but we’re considering improving this in future releases. You should however be able to setup custom search folder in Smart folders to keep a virtual collecting message folder above all others.

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I have the same problem. I need to arrange an order of folders according to myself, not according to this program. After discussion with my programmers, it should not be difficult task. So please go ahead and fix it.

I don’t need this but my solution for organising videos by rating might apply: Actually its the same system as is used in Public Libraries which also do not organise alphabetically until you drill down to category. Choose up to 10 main categories and give them a digit, in the order you want them to appear, e.g.:

0 Customers
1 Suppliers
2 Accounting
3 Production
4 Logistics
5 Technology
6 Other

These are your top level folder names including the digit and space in front.
Then you subdivide these categories e.g for suppliers:

1.0 Current Suppliers
1.1 Acquisition
1.2 Negotiating

And put them as subfolders, in this case of 1 Suppliers. This way you choose the order of folders by number.

Hope this helps!


Hello Simon, this is good point. Thank you.

On the other hand, I prefer simplicity. For me it is transparent to have folders and if I click on one of them, it will display sub-folders.