Options required

  1. Please add notes option/feature - to make notes

  2. Like in outlook/win word em client should automatically correct sentence & grammar errors while typing - for example in a sentence if “i” is used it automatically doesn’t becomes “I”

  3. Cant add a MS-exchange based account directly - did not find a option at all (it tries to configure/import only if outlook is configured) but instead i want to configure my exchange account directly using em client

  4. No automatic calendar support for hotmail & gmail

  5. Please provide in built suport for: skydrive, gmail drive, picasa (very much helpful in uploading files, pics, documents, videos)

  6. Please provide a option for creating local folders for each account added instead of one (as of now what so ever number of accounts are added only one set of local folder is added) i find it really inconvenient & confusing

  7. If you decide to provide one local folder per account then it should contain all the data files like: inbox.dat, outbox.dat, sent.dat…etc. In this way it will be easy to back up per email id

  8. Most important: please provide an option to export data/emails/contacts/calendar in .pst format!!

  9. If MS-exchange ID can be added then provide an option for saving office communicator or Lync chat conversations to a folder

  10. Please provide a option to lock or for not to reset all categories of a email with single click!! remembering & setting the exact categories is a real pain!! (please provide a option like in gmail - if a label to be cleared then let it be done manually one by one)

  11. Option to be provided to password protect when left idle for some time

  12. a BOSS Key option to be provided for minimizing & maximizing the em client

Thanks & Regards

I highly agree with the need for a grammar checker. I installed eM Client across all computers in the office before realizing how much people relied on Outlook to automatically correct spelling and grammar mistakes for them.

I’m now testing out this application to supplement the functionality.


it seems grammar checking is still not implemented? Why? Seems like a really important feature! 

Hi Alexis, grammar check is not currently on our roadmap to upcoming releases, but we’re still considering adding the feature besides to our spell check feature that has already been implemented.


Thanks Paul. Guess its not ideal for me – at least for French emails!

I know its not the same issue as with email…but seeing the grammar in many of these posts makes me think that most people could benefit from a check!!!