Options cut off / hidden in Settings menu; display issue

It appears that in my Settings dialog that options are being cut off from display. Please see the following screenshots, one of the “Compose” tab where half of the “MailFormat” section is cut off, and the “Templates and Signatures” tab where the “Signatures…” button is supposed to be to define a new signature. This feature is actually what I came looking for and only realised that it’s a display issue after reading the guide to setting up signatures and that this button should be there.

Hi Trent,
what version of eM Client do you have installed?
Also please check DPI settings in Windows.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your response.

I am using the latest v7. It is running from a laptop with 4K touch which has no issue, but my full HD external monitors exhibit this issue.

I don’t think the Windows display settings should be adjusted to accommodate a single application. Rather the UI should adapt, or correctly calculate content full height and/or feature vertical scroll in this instance.

Regards, Trent.

Hi Trent,
Sorry for the delay in response.
After communication with our developers, I have the information that this is known and it is fixed with new version of eM Client which is yet to be released.

Thanks for following this up Anthony.

You’re welcome Trent,
I hope it will be released soon and your problem will disappear.
Have a great day!