Optional copy of an sent email to a selectable folder

I need to make an optional copy of sent emails to a selectable folder on imap. This is a thunderbird feature. There you can choose in the menu options -> copy to and select the folder. How can I do this with eM Client?

maybe you can realize this by using ‘rules’?

Tools > Rules

you can either use the copy to folder function by right-clicking the email you want to copy and select “copy to folder…”
or use rules to allow this automatically as Hans suggested.

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Could you please explain your idea with the rules a little bit more in detail?

if you want to copy maybe emails from certain email address you can apply rule in Tools > Rules > New Rule, to sort all emails from that particular email address.
Or you can create a rule that can search for certain words in subject and sort those emails, there is a wide scale of options, but if you’re looking for really just a random email that you want to move you would have to use the “Copy to folder” function that’s available by right-clicking the email or in Actions > Copy to folder.

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Is there still no possibility for this problem? TB has an extention called ‘copy sent to current’. You can select a folder when sending a message. I came from TB and like EM Client very much but it’s really a problem that you don’t have this possibility. I have a lot of sub-folders for projects and want to store messages in a simple way. I thought it would be a much used feature… (rules don’t work, because the same person can work on different projects) Does it really not exist yet of am I missing something?
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Hi Kees, this is not an available feature, unless you find Rules helpful. You can setup a custom rule for sent message, for example:
“After message has been sent, with words found in subject and sent using account, make a copy to folder”.

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Thanks for your answer, but rules don’t work. When the subject is something like “meeting notes 20141201” I cannot automate that. Changing subjects because a limitation in the mail client is no option.

I’m sorry but there’s no other option to save a copy of a sent message into a certain folder based on a subject, we’ll consider adding the option into future releases of eM Client.

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Is there a new feature in the current em-client? I still would like to have an option, to be asked or to be able to set a folder before I sent the email.
My working flow: I send an email for a specific project. So I need to keep track of all emails for this specific project. So I write an email, and choose to copy an email nopt to sent but instead to the project folder. But there is no automatic way to select the folder, so I have to do it. 
Is there any way to do that? As mentioned above this is a standard feature in TB.
![](https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1636885/RackMultipart20170817-119560-11h38aq-2017-08-17_12_55_47-Verfassen _kein_Betreff inline.png?1502967390 “Image: https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net/s3_images/1636885/RackMultipart20170817-119560-11h38aq-2017-08-17_12_55_47-Verfassen___kein_Betreff__inline.png?1502967390”)

I have done similar to you in Thunderbird… In EC I just regularly search my sent folder using whatever word, email address, subject etc that filters the sent mail appropriately, then select all the emails found - right click and Copy to Folder, or Move to Folder… pretty easy really. ! … I tend to do this once a week for our projects…

I’m also after the feature where you can set where the copy of a sent message is saved to. Outlook uses a folder called Sent Items and web mail uses that too. So I need to change the default Sent folder to Sent Items so that all the sent messages are in one place. Is there a way to achive this even by modifying a config file?

eM Client saves sent emails to Sent. That can be disabled in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Send. Or enabled if it is not saving the messages.

If you want to change the location to some custom folder, you can do that with a Rule.

Some email providers may still save a copy to Sent, even if you use this Rule to save them elsewhere.

I’m evaluating eM as a replacement for Outlook. My email accounts are on a hosted Exchange server. I’ve tried to create a rule on Sent Items that works in Outlook but can’t get it to work in eM.

I like to have both sent and received emails in my Inbox so I can see the conversation flow, so I want a simple rule that when a message is sent, a copy is made in the Inbox. This rule doesn’t work, though:

After message has been sent
make a copy to Inbox
and set categories ‘Sent Item Moved’

Any ideas?

With conversation view on, you don’t have to have the sent message in the Inbox. Conversation view will automatically include all messages in the conversation no matter what folder they are in. That is its purpose.

Thanks, I realize that, I just prefer to see the emails both received and sent in the order they came in. I’ve been sending emails since before there was an Internet, LOL.

Any ideas why the above rule wouldn’t be working?

Rules don’t always work with online folders. One trick is to separate it into two separate ones, with the category Rule running before the copy one. I know this is going to categorize both copies, but your Rule was going to do that anyway if it worked.

I still don’t understand why you want to copy the sent messages to the Inbox, when the conversation view simulates that precisely. This is the exact purpose it was designed for. It will show all related messages in that conversation, in the order in which they were sent/received, irrespective of what folder they are in.

I am also wondering why you are using copy rather than move? This just duplicates messages and creates confusion if you want to forward or reply to a sent message at some stage. Which one do you choose because only that one will then contain the record that its was forwarded or replied to? The duplicate will not have that info.

Thanks again! I tried it with just a move, no category assignment, and it still didn’t work, which is a pity as I like eM so far. I wasn’t joking about sending emails before there was an Internet - I sent my first emails over JANET, a precursor to the Internet in the UK and I never really got into conversation view but I guess I can try it. Copying the sent item rather than moving it stems from when I maintained my own mail server and used earlier versions of Outlook with local PST files. I had a server rule to return a copy of sent items so I would have a version with the internet header. I agree it’s not needed with my current setup.

Edit: I just started using conversation view and immediately noticed one of the reasons I don’t like like. I replied to an older email from a few days ago but my reply is not shown as the most recent action. If I go back to the older email it shows I replied but I’m used to seeing what just happened in a conversation (e.g. I just replied).