Option to Warn/Prevent Replying to BCCed emails

Would be nice to have an option that would prevent me from incorrectly replying to am email thread that I was in the BCC of.

So if I receive an email where I was only in the BCC and I click to reply or reply all - I should have the option of either being stopped completely ( based on a setting ), or warned that I am replying to an email where I was blind copied ( based on a setting ) or it should send as normal ( based on a setting ).

thank you!

There is nothing in the message header that indicates that, which is the purpose of BCC, so there is no way to act on a message where you are a BCC recipient.

hi @Gary

Then the absence of my email from the header should indicate I was BCCed – no ?

FWIW - Mac Mail has this feature

Not necessarily.

You may have messages forwarded from one account to another by the server, and they will not be sent to you directly though they will appear in your Inbox. Or you can just move a message from account A to the Inbox of account B. It will not be sent to account B, but you are also not a BCC recipient.

You could create a Rule like this to tag messages not sent to the email addresses you have setup in eM Client, as a kind of warning. It may not mean you were intended as a BCC recipient by the sender, just that your address is not in the header.

fair points - and I will set that rule - but would a feature that warned before replying - that you might be in the blind copy - not be useful?