Option to select eMails with CTRL + SHIFT


there should be an option to select eMail with the CTRL + Shift option. Then you can mark a range of emails with just one click. At the moment i have to mark every single mail with CTRL + click. In Windows itself is such a function integrated to mark folders or something else.


Isn’t Ctrl + Shift the assigned shortcut to switch keyboards in Windows?

eM Client uses the standard Ctrl + click to select multiple non-adjacent messages. But if you find it easier, you can do this without the Ctrl key. Look at the top of the message list, where you will see a Select button. If you click on that, you will have check boxes next to each message, so you can just click in them to select.

If you are using eM Client for Windows you can select all messages in a folder by using the “Shift + End” key, or “Shift + Down Arrow” key down to select specific messages.

In reverse “Shift + Home” keys to deselect all messages, and “Shift + Up Arrow” to manually deselect.

Okay, that was my fault, you can just use shift + click to select what i mean. In the past in Windows i just used CTRL+Shift+Click. Sorry about that.

You can still use either Ctrl + Shift + click, or just the standard Ctrl + click.