Option to make event "Description" text box plaintext only

Is there a means to make the text entered into the “Description” box of an event plaintext only? eM Client appears to try to add lots of additional formatting and HTML which plays royal hell with viewing events on other calendars and platforms. It does not appear that most calendar management solutions i’ve tried expect rich text or hypertext in that field. see attached if i can add images…

(also i’ll mention that whenever i try to paste into that “Description” box i get a popup menu asking me whether i want my paste option to be regular text or quote text. and that menu offers me the chance to choose a “set default paste” format, even though i’ve already done that.

no amount of setting that setting will make this little context menu stop popping up, it seems. =)

If it is a Gmail account, there is an option in the account settings:


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that support forum post cures cancer. it’s that good. thank you for this feature and for answering!