Option to limit attachment size

Most of our partners use some form of size limit on attachments (10mb most of them)

Some servers return a message describing the reason mail was not delivered, some does not. And some just send general error. Not to mention that these messages are usually written in non-native language.

So, is there a plan to add client-side check on attachment size/extension etc? Or maybe this feature is already present and I am missing something?
It would be a great feature, especially if it would come in a form of set of rules checking recepients and such.

Still, a single, account-wide option to limit size of the attachments will be fine too.

We do provide a warning if the size exceeds a set amount. This is set to 10MB already by default, unless you have changed it.

Another option is to use cloud attachments, so the attachment is not sent with the message but is uploaded to the cloud, and only a link is in the message.

Is there a way to treat this notification as an error that prevents user trom sending this message at all?