Option to install to chosen partition

I have just downloaded the latest version and find that I still cannot select the partition I want to install it to, unless I have missed a setting.

At the moment I am having to cut it from the C drive and paste it into the correct drive which seems to work ok but is a bit of a hassle.

I am using Windows 8.1

Indeed you can not select the partition on which you would like to install eM Client.

You even can not select the directory.

But most programs will be installed in “C:\Program files” or “C:\Program Files (x86)”, so it shouldn’t matter so much for most people.

I would not move an installed program from the C drive to a D drive, because there might be paths to the original directory stored in the registry.

If you would move files, those paths in the registry might not be valid anymore.

Most programs give an option to install elsewhere so don’t know why eMClient should be different. I keep my C: drive small with only Windows essential programs there which makes for small quick imaging of the partition.

For information it appears to work adequately being moved to another partition.

Hi, this is not possible, we want eM Client to be installed only to C:/ because of preventing issues.

Only thing you can move is database and even in that case you will have in original location small file with settings.xml.


I don’t really understand your insistence on this. As I have already said I copied the emclient folder from the C: drive to another and it worked correctly. Then out of interest I un-installed the program using the Windows un-installer. This removed all that the original install references. I was then able to run the program from the new location without any problem. So why are you so insistence on restricting to the C drive?

eM Client is designed to be installed only on C:\ drive, this copy and paste to other location can and most likely will cause issues with database and licensing system.


Hi David,

Jan is right about this. Even if you copy everything + database to another partition and uninstall the program and clean all eM Client traces from your C drive, the next time you launch eM Client a dir is made again in user > AppData > Roaming

If you delete this dir you start eM Client with a new account setup again.


Just for the record, it is a tenet of good software design to allow an app to be installed into the drive and directory of the users choice. I say this as someone who taught software design to developers for 13 years.



Interesting reply. I haven’t bothered to further this and just gone my own way. But the way I described works well. Note that I do not uninstall the program but just cut and paste to another partition. It auto loads and maintains the database without problem.
There is of course an entry in appdata but that is common to all programs. The size of that for eMClient is just 1.0MB

As said by Bob, there should be an option to install where you wish. It is bad/sloppy programming that denies that choice. Even MS Outlook can be installed anywhere.


Also agree.  End users should always be in control of what happens on their PCs.  Like others, I want my C: drive just for the OS for back up and recovery purposes.  Most apps I use provide me the option during installation where I’d like that app to go in my filesystem.  C:\Program Files<software> is normally the default, but I’m allowed to change it if I want (and I do.)


Really? 6 years later and emclient programmers were not able to fix this? I was searching for Thunderbird replacement, but this doesn’t bode well. Going back to search then.