Option to Install Minor (Beta) Versions


I see many postings here where Paul and others too, do point to new versions for downloading but almost none of them really popup in the current emClient application.

I guess this is due to minor changes in coding, however, some of those (beta) versions really do solve other peoples issues as it seems.

Best option would be to introduce a setting which I can set up emClient to download minor releases, too, in addition to those really “big” updates.


Hello Michael,
trust that we do have our reasons for keeping the smaller updates to ourselves, because each change needs to be tested properly first.
We give out some of them as needed for specific issues, that do not affect all the users - so yes, it does solve some of the other people’s issues, but releasing more minor versions to everyone could just cause bigger problems that would not happen if they waited for official update, because we’d discover them during the testing phase.

Thank you for your interest and understanding,