Option to enter AutoDiscovery-Server URL

While searching the internet for a good new email-Client, I have come upon eM Client, which really looks nice :slight_smile:
The only problem we have (and which can be solved very easily with a small change to the software) is:
When our customers enter their credentials, the AutoDiscovery fails for them as we have no possibility to enter the URL of the (in our case IceWarp) server to complete the AutoDiscovery.
It would be perfect if you could enter not only your email address and password to the auto detection for new accounts, but also an URL (like almost all smartphones, etc. do).
In IceWarp you can only have one domain for the AutoDiscovery. As we are hosting several hundred of domains, all those customers need to be able to enter our “main” URL of the AutoDiscovery-Server when creating an account or else it will only be created with IMAP and SMTP instead of EAS :frowning:
Would that be possible?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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That would defeat the purpose of the easy setup. It’s possible to create a SRV record in DNS for the particular domain that will point to the autodiscover server. It’s described in the IceWarp server documentation.

Here’s how the record looks on our server:

Default Server: UnKnown

> set type=SRV
> _autodiscover._tcp.emclient.com
Server: UnKnown

Non-authoritative answer:
_autodiscover._tcp.emclient.com SRV service location:
priority = 1
weight = 1
port = 443
svr hostname = emclient.com

emclient.com internet address =

Btw, this will also work for smartphones. There are other fallback mechanisms that could be used if setting up SRV records is a problem. You can create a CNAME DNS record for autodiscover.example.org (where example.org is your email domain) and point it to the mail server. Or you can create a HTTP redirect at http://example.org/autodiscover/autod….


thanks a LOT for your reply! I have completely overlooked that setting :wink:

I have now added that our DNS-Servers and it _seems_ work fine so far…


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