Option to disable the splash screen


as someone who is not running eM Client on a toaster, the splash screen is only visible for a second or even a fraction of a second. So basically the splash screen is briefly flashing before one second or less later the application is started.

I would like to ask to introduce a configuration option to disable the splash screen permanently.

By disabling I mean not just hiding, but preferably the code for the splash screen is not even executed and no additional delay is introduced.

Thank your for considering

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I think it is a good idea to have an option, but the splash screen should be enabled by default. Later it can be disabled by the user, because some users have issues starting the application, and without a splash screen they end up starting the application again, and again, and again. Or at least trying to.

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Of course, having the splash screen enabled by default would be perfectly reasonable.

I agree. An option to disable the Splash Screen is necessary. Please follow through on this option for those of us who prefer not to see it when EMC loads. Thanks in advance. :e-mail:

I terminate every application whenever i don’t need it for a while. It is my way of work.
I do start eM Client more then 100 times a day.
When I go sleep I can see eM Client’s splash screen in my dreams. Nightmare…
Please make an option to disable it.

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The splash screen is really annoying. I am tempted to get rid of emClient - an otherwise okay mail client - just because of this.

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That seems a bit harsh, after all it is “just” a splash screen. :wink:

Though it should be equally simple to introduce an option to disable it.

Is there a need to start 2 times emclient at the same time ?
This is just a suggestion i use ‘Mutex’ at my programs so they can start only 1 time.

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Actually, if I had my preference, I would remove the splash screen, as well.

Still no change?
At least add the option with “Advanced Startup”

Would be great!

I personally like the splash screen, but yes could have an option to disable the splash screen.

One issue with disabling a startup splash screen is that you don’t know if a program is actually loading, particularly with large programs or large databases etc that can take time to load. Nothing worse than when you click a program and you are sitting there and don’t know if anything is happening.

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Of course, thats why it should be opt-in. But emclient never failed to load on my system and I see the splash screen for 2 seconds, which is just annoying. Not a big deal, but so shouldn’t be adding the option.

Maybe harsh words but not a harsh opinion. Splash screens are a nuiscance to many people. For me, it makes me feel the app is slow, when it reminds you that it’s loading. It should be fairly obvious that apps needs to load up before they can be used. I never, ever, feel clueless if I don’t see an interface right away, unless they take really (really) long time to load, and even then, a splash screen is not the solution to make users happy. EMC is definitely not slow to boot up, so there’s no reason for a splash screen whatsoever. It’s just bad design: Comparing it with loader-images on websites or hour glass/spinning wheel mouse cursor in operating systems, it’s not the same case. In those use cases, the loading (or process) indications are needed, since it’s not that obvious what’s going on and the user needs to be aware. Again, user doesn’t need to be aware that their trusty email app is loading up … That’s the rationale against splash screens in my personal opinion.

Just wanted to say that I would also like to have an option to disable the splash screen. I can see that some time already passed…

In the email client The Bat this works fine with the addition /NOLOGO in the command line.
I also hope that it will be implemented in eM Client somehow, also for the Mac version.

The splash screen needs an option to be disabled. It opens where the mouse cursor is. So I can’t even run the program then continue my work flow on a second monitor because the splash screen will always and forever interrupt what I’m doing exactly where I’m looking every time, even if I’m 3 monitors away and the program is opening on the first monitor. could not be worse.