Option to disable the smooth scroll!

Please add an option to disable the smooth scroll! It’s really inefficient on long emails and combined with the already smooth scroll on the synaptic trackpad it really becomes unusable!

Hello Cristian, unfortunately it is not possible to disable smooth scrolling in eM Client, you can however disable the option on your computer and check if that helps the inability to use the feature with your trackpad.

Follow these instructions on how to disable smooth scrolling in Windows:

Hope this helps,

That’s a bad, bad thing! Of course I’m not going to disable something in windows just to work with your program… why the hell did you add smooth scrolling in the first place?
Please add an option to disable it in a future version!

And one more thing… either I’m blind or something but there’s no icon to indicate that a message has been replied to or not… something like this: http://snag.gy/y2f1A.jpg (screenshot from thunderbird)

And oh yeah… you definitely need some better skins!

In my opinion there should be an option too
In addition I’d like to enable smooth scroll function for all areas like the per mail/per day view (middle when massage is on the reight side.)

Yep.  This is awful.  I can’t stand smooth scrolling.  Since this was posted 2 years ago, looks like there’s no fix.