Option to disable folder list hover popup

The latest version added a this popup:

  • Popup showing the number of messages and unread messages for a folder on mouse hover

This is not useful for me and is distracting. It would be great to be able to disable it.


I could see where this feature could be of benefit to some. However, in its current form it is distracting and disrupts work flow (IMO). Personally, I would prefer the information be inline with the folder name.

The hover popup over the folders / labels “is good to have when you have Categories enabled” so you know the count in each folder, but agree its a bit annoying / distracting “allways automatically popping up” with that info everytime im clicking on a folder / label.

So my suggestions would be instead either:-

Next to each folder / label to have a small eg: (i) info icon where you can manually click to then show that popup information.

Or have a small “toolbar Info” button to get that info.

It’s really very annoying feature.

These changes will be in the next beta update. You will be able to disable it here:

And we have also changed how this looks for those who find it useful.



I’m really pleased. I wasn’t expecting so swift decision and rapid implementation. Hardly any software developer takes users feedback so seriously.