Option for delayed email fetching after startup

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Does em Client have a possibilty to delay the first email fetching after startup? Because I’m working with a wireless connection, it always takes a few seconds until the connection is established after startup. But em Client always tries to download the emails immediately after Windows is started up, even though there isn’t any internet connection at that time. With the result, that em client spits out a error message (Error while connecting to XXMP for XX@gmail.com). This is very annoying, because I prefer a almost invisible email software, that only alerts me, when there are now emails. Delayed email fetching or a option to turn this error message off would be really helpful.

Also, is there an option to open an email in the main window when clicking on an notification? At the moment, em client opens every email in a new window.

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To disable eM Client to download e-mail when eM Client is started:

tools > settings > general > general

disable “Synchronize items at startup”

screen shot:


thanks, but this option is disabled.

What is your duration mentioned in 'synchronize items every … minutes"? Maybe that duration is so short, that it has already passed during the startup of Windows?

Maybe you should disable ‘Run on Windows startup’? But then you will need to start it manually (of course).

Hi, unfortunately these options in settings are only viable for POP3 accounts as with IMAP accounts, on the application startup an IDLE connection is automatically established that keeps checking for new messages etc.
Unfortunately there’s no feature that would allow you to postpone the initial synchronization.

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