Option: delete also marks as read

How about an option, that changes unread messages to “read” as soon as the are moved to trash?


Yes, absolutely.

Because this option is not there, I have set my mark as read to 1 second. Not ideal, but that normally marks the message as read by the time I click on the delete button.

Does this option still not exist? I am often deleting messages via the Windows notification pop-up, and it’s annoying to see an unread messages counter for my Trash. If it’s deleted I don’t care, it should be marked as Read like it does when I do the same thing on my iPhone Mail.

Any reply on how to do this?

I would like to see this feature. I find that I currently mark all deleted messages as read several times a day.

Agreed, it’s a little odd seeing 70 unread emails in the trash. This option would be nice!

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In version 9.1 due out later this year. :wink:


Very happy to see this setting coming in 9.1, that one is a great addition. I know at times I delete emails faster then the read update happens, and I end up with emails in the trash showing unread as the other users can mentioned.

Version 9.1 is shaping up to be a good update in many areas.