Option "Always show Read and Flagged icons on mouse hover" doesn't work

Settings - Mail - Read - option “Always show Read and Flagged icons on mouse hover” doesn’t work. Icons are always shown, doesn’t matter how I set it. I’d like to hide these icons.

If the message is unread and doesn’t have a flag, nothing will be shown. Always.

But this setting means that if nothing is there, and you want to add one of those, so change the message to unread for example, when you mouse over then you can see the empty options and select them. If you haven’t selected this option, and you mouse over, you can’t add them by clicking. Does that make sense?

Thanks, yes it makes sense. But doesn’t work the way you describe. Icons are always shown, cannot be hidden. Setting doesn’t work. I try to export settings to XMLs with both options and both XMLs have the same content. Options seems not to be written.

Yeah, apologies. I just checked with our developers and the flag will always be displayed on mouse over. The setting is just to include the read dot on mouse over, but it is not described so clearly.