Operations: Imap connection error

So I installed EM Client for the first time yesterday & all in all i love it. But from time to time I get this Operations Error: reduL: Connecting to reduL failed.
[IMAP] An attempt to connect to reduL failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?
Then the option to “Open account settings” or “Ignore”

If i open the settings & just click ok all works great for a while & then the same error appears again. When going to the Diagnostics tab and running diagnose on IMAP & SMTP i get “ok” on IMAP and “settings has been fixed” on SMTP.

I’m using iCloud mail & I have set it up from your guide. Any help would be appriciated

Hi, and does your account work properly except the fact you’re receiving this error message?

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Hi, yes it does. Once i click ok from account settings I just have to click on the red triangle icon on the side of the inbox text in the left menu. Then everything works as it should for a while and the the error comes up again.
I don’t know if it matters but I haven’t had any problems with the calendar, tasks or contacts part of the client.

I don’t know if this helps but i thought that you might wanna know
IMAP settings are:
Host imap.mail.me.com
Port 993
Security policy Use SSL/TSL on special port (legacy)
Authentication Use these credentials, (the first part of mail before @ sign)
Password, account password

SMTP settings:
Host smtp.mail.me.com
Port 587
Secutiry policy Use SSL/TSL on special port (legacy)
Server requires authentication Use these credentials (same as above)
Password, same as above

Hi, in this case you could go to Tools > Settings and uncheck “Show window when an error occurs”.

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Thanks I’ll try that and see how it goes

Tried this and the window still pop up (not on top but its still there), and I still have to press the red triangel when the error occurs so it doesn’t really solve the problem

Hi again, are you using any proxy/firewall software, what antivirus are you using?
These connectivity issues might be caused by security software that partially disables eM Clients ability to connect to certain ports (as is your IMAP or SMTP port).

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Windows firewall atm, and avg antivirus. Haven’t thought of that will have a look, but i don’t think they limit those ports. Thanks

please check the settings of your software and maybe create an exception for eM Client in your antivirus software, if it doesn’t help let me know.

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I’m getting same issue with gmail - :Connecting to gmail failed". Mind, like reduL, IMAP and SMTP diagnostics come back fine and I’m updating okay, but Operation window pops up and I think until I clear it eM won’t reattempt to connect to the server. Could it be arising from some impatience on eM’s part in the connection to the Gmail servers? Can this be fixed or reset?

Hi Anders, same question as I mentioned to reduL, are you using any proxy/firewall software that could disable the eM Client’s ability to connect to your server?

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I’m using Avast, I checked that and opened up all inbound and outbound ports to eM.

Can you please make a screenshot of the error you’re receiving and possibly of your account settings as well?

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Hi, I tried to put it on the exception list, but it doesn’t seem to work. Today i also noticed that i could not send mail. Haven’t changed any settings but somehow it does not work any more.

Hi, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP and SMTP logging for your iCloud account (assuming this is still the one you’re having issues with), save the settings and restart the application.

Please try right clicking the mail folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the repair button, then if it doesn’t solve the issue, please try sending out an email and if you’re still receiving the issue, go back to the advanced settings window and click on send logs.

Please send the logs to my email [email protected] and please add a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you, sorry for the inconvenience,

Hi yeah the problem persist. Can I send the logs as a .zip/rar file since there are a bunch of them or do you want them as raw .log files?

Hi, sure you can send them archived, but if you can send them separately as they were inserted into the email by the application, that’s fine as well.

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