Operations errors keep coming back after "Ignore All" Selected

No matter what I do, the same error messages keep coming back. I have moved mail to junk and deleted the errors, still they keep coming back. Will this be fixed in a future version?

Well, you can ignore the specific error, but when it happens again, it is treated as a new error so it will appear in the Operations window.

Would you care to share the error?

The following error keeps repeating itself.


So this error will be displayed every time you try send from an address that the server doesn’t allow. If you ignore it in that error popup, the next time you try to send using an unsupported address, you will get a new error.

In this case it is important for you to see the error, because it means that the message has not been sent. You will find the message in the Local Folder Outbox, where you can delete it. If Local Folders are not visible below your other folders, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders. Click on Save & Close to save the setting.