Operation/ Error Won't Clear

I sent an email a couple of days ago which failed to send. I got an error in the Operations Error Log which keeps being reported, (perhaps each time eMC synchronises), even though I click “Ignore”.
Here’s the log message.
[AirSync] Sending email “Re: Winter Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Study” failed with error: MessageRecipientUnresolved

Also, here’s a screenshot of the error log

How do I stop this error from constantly recurring/ being reported? My laptop & eM Client have been closed & restarted several times sine this started.


Go to the Outbox in “Local folders” at the bottom left of eM Client and delete that failed email from there. Then close & reopen eM Client.

If you cannot see Local folders, go to “Menu / Settings / General" (Pc) or “eM Client / Preferences / General” (Mac). Then check the box marked "Show local folders” & save settings.

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That looks to have worked. Thanks

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