Opening Screen Proportions

A highlighted but unopened email occupies more than one third of the opening eM Client screen leaving less than two thirds for the list of emails. I have expanded that part of the screen with the email list as far as it will go by dragging down the partition line but would prefer more of the screen to be devoted to the email list. Is there any way I can achieve this?

Without a screenshot, it is a little confusing as to what you are asking. I have an idea though, that you are viewing your layout with messages on the bottom. (Menu > View > Layout).

You may have better results with the default view of messages on the right.

Not sure how many lines of the mail list you are seeing or how you have your screen setup… with my display I am seeing a list of ~23 emails. This is the result of the 2 options in Settings > Appearance > Layout being turned OFF and adjusted values in Settings > Appearance > Lists

Hope this helps in some way…

Thank you both Gary and sunriseal. Both of your emails gave me the information I needed to alter the screen to a layout that I much prefer. I am very grateful for your extremely quick and helpful replies.
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