Opening Online Meeting Link opens up Browser instead of App

When there is a calendar event for an online meeting in eM Client, and the meeting link is clicked, it opens up the meeting in a browser window instead of the local app (e.g. WebEx App) on the PC. It would be great if eM Client opens up the meeting on the local app. Is there a setting I am missing?

Try setting your WebEx App on your computer to be the default for meeting links in the OS.

See WebEx site kink on how to do that for PC and Mac. Webex App | Choose as your Calling app

@cyberzork Not quite working as it should. Link lands you to webex page on browser from where you can launch the desktop app by clicking on that option (on that webex page).

Ok I would suggest then to put a post on the WebEx community page or via Chat, or Phone support. See the following page for details.