Opening attachments

I can’t open attachments (* .pdf, * .docx) with this program. When I try to open an attachment, Acrobat Reader reports “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired”. Other e-mail programs (Edge, Thunderbird) open the same attachments correctly.

If you save the attachment to your computer, are you able to open it from Windows Explorer?

Who is your email provider?

Yes, if I save the attachement, I can open it from Adobe Acrobat reader, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, a.s.o. but I can´t open it directly from eMClient without saving it.

What happens if you change your default pdf reader in your Windows settings? Change it from Acrobat to Edge.

Does that allow you to open the attachment directly from within the message in eM Client?

Yes, I changed my default pdf reader to Edge and no I can open the pdf-document from within the message in eM Client, but opening .doc or .docx -document the same problem occurs. I don`t have Ms Word - program in my computer, only Libre Office, and I can´t open these documents directly from eMClient without saving them.

Correction: …now I can open the pdf-document…

OK, so that seems there might be some issue with your Windows default application settings, or maybe with Acrobat itself. That it affects docx as well, I am more inclined to suspect your Windows settings.

I also have LibreOffice 7 installed in place of the Microsoft offering, but I don’t have issues opening docx attachments.