Open Web links directly in browser


I’m using Opera portable as a browser on Windows 7 and IE is uninstalled.
When I click on a link in a mail I receive, it doesn’t open the link in my browser.
In Windows, I configured http, https, … to open with Opera Portable but it doesn’t work in eM Client.
Before, I was using Dreammail and there was an option to choose the program to open the link with.
Is it possible to open Web links from mail directly in my web browser and how ?


Its different in set a specific extension/format to open in Explorer rather than setting a portable browser as the ‘Default Browser’ in Windows. Which Windows doesn’t allow out-of-the-box to set a portable browser as a default browser. EM Client is opening URL by calling the default browser in Windows configuration itself, not a specific extension/association/format.

Please refer here:…

Or here, if you want to it manually:…