Open tasks have disappeared

HELP Trying to overcome the panic!!
All my many open (upcoming) tasks have completely disappeared.
Don’t know how or why. Is there anywhere else open tasks are stored, e.g. Gmail?

Are they showing in Gmail online ?

That was my 1st thought but I can’t find a way in windows Gmail to display tasks.

Do you see the open tasks in your Gmail account online ?

I don’t know or see how to display tasks in Gmail
I appreciate your help

OK I went to Google Calendar and it displays only my completed tasks which also shows in EM Client. But in neither place are the open tasks

As you then cannot see any Open Google Calendar tasks online in your account, then either something has happened to your Google Calendar account online or you may have possibly only used Local Folder tasks.

So if your Open tasks that you are missing “were previously all showing in Google Calendar online” via a browser, then you need to contact Google support via phone or website and let them know their gone. See following Google Calendar contact and support pages for contact options.

Google contact phone numbers.

Google Calendar Help Centre / Community forum.

Now if you only ever had Open Tasks in eM Client Local Folders and never had them online, then something may have gone wrong with your local eM Client database & they are maybe hidden.

So if there is no Open Tasks in eM Client “Local Folders”, then if you have been making regular eM Client backups, try restoring a recent backup via “Menu / File / Restore” and see if they come back.

Note: If you do try an eM Client restore, make a manual backup first via “Menu / Backup” so you can then easily restore your current database if the Open tasks are not in a previous dated backup.