Open mails from Windows notifications inside main window


Noticed someone asked about this, but it was never replied by 6 months:

I recently switched to emClient and trying it before I decide to buy Pro version. However there is one thing I can not deal with it. Clicking on notification opens new window, even if main program window is just minimalized. It is so annoying if all your previous e-mail clients opened it right in main window like you clicked it there.

Is there any way to change it?


I think that is intended behavior. If you get a notification, and click on it, it opens the event or message. 

Is there some other window you want to open instead?

It opens new window. I want it to open in main window.
Example - clicking on notification, so it opens like on screenshot.

Then what happens when the user does not have the message preview pane enabled?

I do, but I keep the calendar section open, and would not want new message notifications to move to the mail section. Rather the message opens in it’s own window, and the calendar stays where it is.

I can see the value in what you are asking though, so if you proposed it as an idea, that it could be configurable, some users may vote on it.

Yes, of course it can and should be configurable, can be even default disabled. As you mentioned, for users of calendar etc. it is important to keep it as-is, but if some users, including me, use only and only e-mail, built-in open is way simpler, more intuitive and way faster for performing further actions.

@Maciej Thank you very much for re-posting this issue. I would definitely upvote this feature. If the message preview pane is enabled in the main window, I see no reason at all to EVER open an e-mail in a dedicated window. Yes, of course it should be configurable, but it should definitely be supported.
@Gary Is there an official way to propose ideas to the developers? Since my original question did not have any replies in six months, I doubt that they read the conversations here.