Open mail in main window instead of email detail when clicking a notification

Please add an option to open main window instead of email detail window when clicking a notification.
You can see everything (email list, folder list, email content, …) inside main windows so there is no reason to show email detail.
When there are several emails come at a time (when turning on PC for example), i want to check all of them inside main windows instead of open email detail of an email, close it, open main window to check other emails.
This feature is not that hard to add, just open main window instead of email detail when clicking notification, that’s all.
Thank you.

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Clicking on the popup for a specific message will open that message.

If you don’t want to see the message, don’t click on it. Instead just click on the new mail icon in the task bar, and that will open the main UI.

What i want is when clicking a notification, it opens main window and select that message instead of open email detail of that message.
With that, i can quickly reply or delete that email then browser other emails.
Other email clients(like default window mail app) just open main window.
I dont know why default behavior is opening detail view which still show in main window

You have two options, and the behavior is different for each.

If you want to open the main UI, click on the new mail icon in the taskbar.

If you want to open a specific message, click on the notification popup for that specific message.


What I think he is asking, and what I ended up on this page for, is looking for the OPTION to change the behavior. Such as click on the notification pop-up and it leads to main UI.
I find myself clicking on the notification, having to close the popup, and then going to the main UI to see the email.I don’t want to work from a pop-up.
I have recommended eM Client to a friend and that was his first complaint to me as well.
The more options the better!

Thanks for listening.

Hi I would like to also add myself to the list of people who would like to see this feature.
I stumbled here looking for exactly this.
I want to open the main windows when I click on the notification.
Seems like a UX nobrainer to me, the notification is not only for that mail, but a reminder to also check all the mail that arrived in the mean time and my brain just wants to click notification → goto mail client.