Open inbox of several accounts

i want to open a specific inbox of several accountgs. how do i do this?

Do you see all your accounts listed in the left-hand Folder column? Do you see the Inbox under the expanded accounts icons?

yes, yes to all, all show.

So with that knowledge you should be able to “Open inbox of several accounts” and/or “open a specific inbox of several accountgs”

i did not make things clear. when em client starts, i want one specific inbox to open. now the wrong one does. i can open each one manually, but i want when starts.

Not sure but I believe you can go into MENU > ACCOUNTS and apply “Set as default” to the account OR move that account to the TOP of the list.

If I am wrong I am sure one of the other forum members will join with their comments.

You will find this in Menu > Settings > General:

Darn, forgot about that option. @Gary, thanks!