Open EML files as template ?

In other clients we used before it was simply possible to save a mail draft in some format and later open it, make some changes and send it. We use this A LOT and I think many other people do. E.g. replies to standard inquiries are saved and we only change the name or add a little individual info, whatever…

In EM Client you can only save emails as .eml, and wether it’s an email you received or it’s an email you compose, as soon as you double click the saved .eml file, EM Client opens it in a way as it was an received email (filling in nonsense data in the “from” and “to” sections if there aren’t any “from” and “to” headers in the draft). If you want to use it as an template you have to do this via forwarding which is not really applicable…

It would be so simple - e.g. add any header to the EML to distinguish between “received” or “new” email - this way it would be so much more usable.

Or is there something I didn’t find out so far in the depths of your settings…?

Regards, Arnold

PS: Your client is so good in so many ways, keep it up! We are almost happy enough to use it in the company, but some things are still not thougt through in an akward way…

PS2: Please do not propose using templates - this is WAY to unefficient in daily business…

Hi Arnold, unfortunately there’s only one way how to achieve this and that’s by using the “Forward as original” feature,
right click any of your email and select Forward > Forward as original. This should enable you to see the original message allowing you to edit the content of the message.

Hope this helps,

Not really. Because in everday business we have templates for every customer which are “launched” from a database or we have folders with standard reply templates where we simply click to open a template. So far we still send emails with outlook because for that practice - and I know that a lot of other companies also use this kind of templates.

Didn’t you ever think of any kind of automation mechanism for customzing templates? We would happily live with the build in template system of EM client if there was a way to open them from outside e.g. by calling a dll or using command line options to em client, whatever. And of course there must be a way for inserting a “from” and “to” adress or maybe even replace some variables (like in the header “Dear <>!”) In my eyes this is the crucial point for real business usage.

Hi Arnold, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.
Variables though are an available feature in eM client, just right click anywhere in your message and select Insert > Variable.

Hope this helps,

Ah, OK. That’s cool. Still it requires all my business contacts added to one of the accounts, but it’s at least a small step in the right direction.

Let’s see what the future brings… Thanks for your support!

I’m glad I could help, even though we haven’t reached the ideal solution, we’re currently working on new features for a future release, hope you’ll find some of the features more useful or more close to your current setup and needs. In the meantime you can check out some of the updates on our facebook page here.

And if you come across any other questions or issues, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,