Open eml file with eM Client How can I make?

Hi, my name is Ricardo.
I have 2 email address on one italian provider (tiscali).
First of this moment, I did have different my accounts on Microsoft Outlook and on Mozilla Thunderbird.
Now I did configure my accounts with eM Client and the old mails did copy on 2 pst files.
Inside at every pst file I have different emails types. the emails that I did create with outlook, I can open withouth problems but on the different folders I have different eml emails that I can’t open.
I would like to know how can I make for open this “eml” mails inside the eM Client. It’s necessary install one plugin or make some actions for retrieve these eml emails?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards

You can open eml files directly with eM Client without importing or installing plugins. In Explorer right-click on the eml file and choose Open with > eM Client.

You can also drag the eml into eM Client and drop it in one of the folders, or import many eml files using Menu > File > Import > Email (eml)