Open emails in a new tab instead of a new window

I like reading email with tabs , it helps my productivity, is this something doable with eMClient? I have looking over all settings and have not find a way that it open the email in a new tab instead of a new windows.

I’m afraid eM Client does not support tabbing at the moment.

TNC , thanks for your answer, do you know if there are plans to support it? how can we know the official roadmap of this client, it looks very promising however there some critical features that we’re looking for like tabbing and archiving

To be honest - no. EM don’t release the roadmap to the public. There’s apparently a ticket system that eM use to decide the priority of feature that need to be implement. I have no idea how this ticket system works.

Current list of some planned features to version 4.0 (will be released in the first quarter of next year) or its updates:

  • Load signatures from file
  • Atom feeds support
  • Rule action to show notification windows
  • Import rules and autosuggestions from Outlook
  • Play sound rule
  • Customizable reply/forward headers’ size
  • notifications history
  • custom shortcuts in all menus
  • virtual folder “Unanswered”
  • empty trash & junk on exit
  • Customizable time and date display formats
  • show folder in contact/task/event detail form
  • new widget in New toolstrip menu
  • widget list in box on the left pane
  • confidential, private flag support
  • “Remove formatting” command for text selection when composing message
  • filtering by category, shared todo items
  • quick shortcuts a, b, c, d for contacts
  • full name specification for aliases
  • Extend IMAP synchronization UI by adding “synchronize headers offline” (e.g. for Spam)
  • Open phone numbers using callto: links
  • Import/export rules (+ Outlook, Thunderbird …)
  • note to email
  • more options for reminder time


  • Support for user settings forced from server.
  • Export/import of settings including rules and accounts.
  • XMPP chat history server sync
  • Twitter basic sync
  • Advanced indexing (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF)
  • maybe tabs support
  • Backup
  • maybe link history sidebar box
  • finish undo for clipboard operations
  • UI to open .ics and .vcf and store it to calendar/contactlist
  • allow folder not to be included in Global folders search
  • Folder subscription in IMAP
  • customizable folder selection in tree
  • maybe archiving
  • Facebook basic sync
  • SmartCard support
  • saving attachments as links from our internal objects

Does “Open phone numbers using callto: links” means TAPI-support?

Not completely. However there’re few TAPI API respond to the callto: hyperlink, but there’re exceptions, it depends on what solution you are using.

It sounds promising … although for enterprise users archiving is a must my It scares me to see the size of my mail_data.dat

Tabbed emails would be sooo nice! +1!!

I am sorry to inform you that we decided to not implement tabbed emails in the near future.

What a pity! :-((