Open a single message from a conversation in a separate window

Currently (9.0.1755) it is not possible to open a specific message from the conversation view in a separate window. Clicking will fold/unfold the message, and there is nothing on the context menu to do this.

Example usage: I want to collect a number of messages from different conversations and reference them, in a new email or just for having them available for other work.

This might be the same that @sylvester_zarebski mentioned here: [Feature] Open message in window from message and conversation view

If you look in the message list, there is a small arrow next to the conversation message count.


Click on that arrow and the thread view will open, showing all the messages in the conversation.

Double click on an individual message from that list and it will open in a new window.

Thanks, Gary! That really helps a lot.

But it only works if you have “Conversation in all views”. When “Conversations only in message details” you don’t get that list in the “message pane”, only folded/unfolded conversations in the “conversation pane”.

So being able to open a specific message from the conversation view would be very convenient and solve it for two layouts. Also for a conversation opened in a separate window, as if you use “Message view hidden” and double click on a message.

Yes, if you don’t have conversations displayed in the message list, you can just open that message as normal by double-clicking on it in the message list.