Only two week's mailing showing in sent items

I am using an IMAP account. If I go into webmail, there are over 4000 items in my sent mail folder. However, in EM Client i can only see sent items back to the 2nd December. I have tried repairing the sent folder, but it still only shows a couple of weeks of sent items. My inbox seems to be fine, showing the same items as I see in webmail.

Did u check the port of your smtp config? Try to change it on em client and check emails

I am using port 587. I will try changing to 25. I host my own email server on one of our Windows Server boxes.

Try  465  with  SSL  or  587  with  TLS , port 25 is POP.

I just sent a test message with the EM smtp port set to 25. It sent fine. I repaired the sent folder again, but I still only have 111 items showing out of 4000 +

I thought 110 was incoming POP? Outgoing SMTP is usually 25 or 587. I’ll try the settings you have suggested.

yeah you are right ! I dont know how to help you more.
Maybe is some config on your webmail.
W8 for a answer from em client support maybe they can help you.

Also, in my EM inbox, I can only see 5551 items of mail, but in my webmail client I can see the 10,000 plus emails going back to 2013. How does EM know how many email headers to laod from the IMAP server?

Hi Stephen,
this has nothing to do with your outgoing server setting, just for future references :slight_smile:
The problem must be in synchronizing with your server.
Could you try right-clicking on your Sent folder (or any folder that seems to be missing some messages) and choose Properties>Repair and run a repair on the folders to resynchronize them?
As you seem to have lots of emails, please let the synchronization fully finish, as this might take some time (and the process being interrupted could have caused the problem before).
If this doesn’t help, please let me know so we can try something else.


I sought of realised that, I think the person who responded did not understand that I was using an IMAP mail server. I have tried repairing the folder, and leaving it synchronizing for a a long time, but I still only see 112 items out of the 4505 that are in my sent folder on my mail server - I can see this in webmail client.

I see, we’ll try to look at the logs then.
Please go to Tools>Settings>Advanced and set up IMAP logging for your account.
Restart eM client.
Open it and try to resynchronize the inbox again, after the wrong number of emails is synced again, go back to the Advanced settings and click ‘Send logs’.
Change the recipient to me ( and add a link to this forum topic in the body of the message. Also please include the information about how many items synchronized/how many were on the webmail at the moment.