Only email is synced at startup?


I am running eM Client 6.0.19714.0 and I have just noticed only email is synced at startup. Tasks, calendar and contacts appear to only sync/refresh when they are selected. Under settings, I have synchronize all items at startup selected.


Hi, this is bug for sure. Can you tell me what account provider do you use so I can put it under test and help you with your issue?


I’m experiencing this too. As a result i have missed events because my calendar did not refresh. This totally sucks.

It’s possible the problem is my calendar provider, and not eM. 

Your email settings include a setting to retrieve email on eM startup. Why can’t Calendar have the same option?


Hi Johny, if you have the option “synchronize items at startup” checked in Tools > Settings > General, all items including calendars, tasks etc., should be synchronized on startup of the application.
If you believe your calendar is not synchronized on startup even though you have this option enabled, please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on CalDav logging for the account you believe is not synchronized.

Then please restart the application and wait until the synchronization is finished (in the task bar on the bottom of the application, it should show no activity once it’s done), or open the operations window from Tools > Operation, and wait until all the processes are done, then please go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send Logs” and send the logs to with a reference link to this forum topic.

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ok, thx. generally items are syncing. 

if items sync when i click the “refresh” button, then does that prove that they are probably syncing correctly at startup too?

if so, then the problem must be my calendar provider, OR the event source (eg or Facebook).


Hi again, if the events sync properly by using the refresh button that suggests that there’s no issue with the synchronization, but only the logs can tell us if the initial synchronization really works, but if you have the option checked, it should work properly.

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This is apparently still an issue in Dec. 2015. I just downloaded the latest version, 6.0.24144.0, and find that none of my email accounts sync except on startup. This seems to be a great email tool but this is a fatal flaw. I have one account hosted on GoDaddy, one on and another on gmail. Is there a fix?

Hi Susan,
the issue you are commenting on is slightly different than your problem, possibly.
We do know about this issue with charter (their IMAP logs dont include any information about new messages) but your other accounts should not have this problem.
Did you set up a periodic synchronization in Tools>Settings>General>General and under Synchronization checked the option to ‘Synchronize items every X minutes’?