Online traing for new users

I installed eM client using our company account (Gmail) to replace outlook. Importing the data was mostly seamless but I wanted to learn how to tweak the program setting so that I could always have the message format in HTML and learn other ways to improve how I hope to use the program. I checked youtube and there was not a lot to see. Does the company have any training videos online?

miércoles 20 octubre 2021 :: 1659hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @skulkin

With eMC open press ‘F1’ this will take you to the documentation hub, maybe this is a good place to start.

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Yes, and there is also the Blog which has many how-tos.

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My preference is to go thru each and every category in the eMC Settings and learn what each and every setting does. You can then use that along with @skybat and @Gary suggestion and asking questions here could serve you well along the learning trail.

Any doubts along the way… ASK!

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