Online Only Mode Possible?

Is it possible to have emails only available when conneced to the exchange server and not stored locally? This is like the online mode of Outlook, not like the cahced mode. Thanks

Hello Brice, unfortunately this is not possible with eM Client as eM Client is an Offline email client, all your data is being downloaded for local use while using the Exchange account. Unfortunately we do not support web access only mode.

Hope this helps,

Ah, thank you for the response. Are the actual emails stored in some sort of database file or location separate from the email account configuration? Reason I ask is we are looking to buy licenses to use this software for roaming users. We then would purge the local email download location at log off.

Hello Brice, eM client saves all it’s data into a database folder that’s by default kept in the AppData/Roaming folder of each user, I’m not quite sure if that’s what you were referring to.