Ongoing Problems with Yahoo!

Back in the Autumn I was having problems with eMClient “losing”, ie not downloading emails from Yahoo!. Thanks to the excellent work by @bgb and the upgrade to 9.2.1222 the problem seemed to have cleared. However I am still not getting every email from Yahoo!. I use yahoo! primarily for
messages from my interest groups. Typically users post photos for the rest of the group to comment on, and I seem to be missing out on some (but not all) of the original posts, the ones containing the photo attachments. I generally only notice this when I start to see replies about images that haven’t yet seen on my eM Client. The latest email is dated 20:48 yesterday on Yahoo!, but is not on eM Client. However I do have four replies to it.

Could the presence of the images on the OP be causing the problem? The only other thing I could think of is that some of the subject headings of the affected messages resemble typical Spam messages, but that is not unusual for some of the other group members and I would hesitate to say that it could cause eM Client a problem. In addition, only the OP is affected and not the replies.

Once again, grateful for any help and/or insights.

Happy Christmas all, Peter

I am still not getting every email from Yahoo!.

If the missing emails are not in your spam folder in eM Client, could be you have a rule setup to possibly move them to another folder. Go to “Menu / Rules”. At the top you can select between “Local and Server rules” via a drop-down menu. So check all the rules. You can dbl-check rules to see what’s inside them.

Now “If there are no rules setup in eM Client” to move any incoming mail to any folders and the missing emails “are not in any mail folder under your Yahoo account” in eM Client, then could be you are not actually getting the missing emails at all in your inbox “on the server end”.

So next go online via webmail to your Yahoo mail box and see if the missing emails are there. Now “If they are also not in your online mailbox” in any folder, then the problem lies with the “” sending mail server & you will need to contact their technical support for assistance.

If however “you do see the missing emails online” in your Yahoo mailbox, and you use Yahoo as a standard default “IMAP setup” in eM Client, then suggest to go to “Menu / Accounts” and remove your mail account. Then re-add it via the add account “automatic email wizard” at the top.

Note: Before removing and re-adding your Yahoo account, backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Hi Cyberzork,

The spam folder was the first thing I checked. Not there. Nor have they been moved anywhere on my eM Client that I can find. I haven’t set up any rules, and can’t see any which would have applied here.

The main point is that all the missing messages have been or are on the Yahoo server, and I can always see them there. As far as I can tell I set up my eMClient yahoo account in the standard way using the wizard, but I will try reinstalling it. But would this explain why only a very small proportion of messages are going awol?


Yes so as the missing messages “are all in your Yahoo mail online” and not in eM Client, then sounds like you have some sort of (local mail account database problem in eM Client) and does need the account removing and re-adding.

Ps I use the same eM Client version and my Yahoo IMAP account works fine with the wizard setup.

But would this explain why only a very small proportion of messages are going awol?

Yes if the local mail account / database in eM Client is corrupted in some way, you might only then be seeing some messages as its not working properly.

Lastly If removing and re-adding your Yahoo account, still doesn’t fix it (which it normally would), then uninstall eM Client. “Dont delete the database” when asked on the uninstall wizard. Then re-download eM Client from the release history page and reinstall.

Hi Cyberzork,

Unfortunately deleting and reinstalling the Yahoo account made no difference, so going to try uninstalling eMClient. Do you mean I should uninstall the app in Windows, or is there another way to access the “uninstall wizard” you mention?


Do you mean I should uninstall the app in Windows

Yes uninstall the eM Client app / program in Windows. It will ask you part way through if you want to delete the database. As mentioned previously, “Don’t delete the database” when asked.

I have the same issue, random emails do not show up in emClient but are in my yahoo webmail. I have a bring new laptop and just installed emClient 9.2 a few days ago. I have no rules and have whitelisted the sender.

The only other thing that “can sometimes” affect email arriving, is if you have programs installed such as eg,: Optional Firewalls / Security programs, Optional Antivirus scanning programs or VPNs. So if you have any of those installed, try completely disabling those to test.

These are my Yahoo IMAP mail settings that work for me in eM Client V9.2.1222.