OneDrive issue - fail to create the link

Hi, I experience problem during adding an attachment (link - file saved in OneDrive) into new email.

I’m logged in OneDrive, but there is still issue - emClient is not able to create the link. Also the file is already uploaded in OneDrive.

Thanx for help!

You made me manually type the error into a translator. :wink:

The error says: Failed to create share link. Please check if the file upload is finished. The file will be attached as a normal attachment.

So you might want to confirm that the file has finished uploading to OneDrive.


Ok, currently there is no easy way how to diagnose such issue. This will improve in v. 8.2 that will include logging for cloud storage protocols. However if you can give us your email address or send it to me (burger @ - please remove the spaces, this is a spam protection) we’ll look in our system whether we’ve received some error message for that account and let you know if we find something.


Thank you, already sent.


As I wrote - the file is already uploaded.

One thing with attaching files from One Drive as a “Link” is that you have to “Allow One Drive Authorization” to EMC when you click “Yes” or you cannot attach linked files. See example below.


Type in your Microsoft login email address & click next.

Click "Yes " or “Enter your password” depending on your current security setup in One Drive, to let this app access your info and the file attachment link to then appear in the eM Client message.

If you have any problems and the One Drive authorization window doesn’t appear, go to the following Microsoft Account Website and remove any old eM Client authorizations and try again.

Log in at and select “Privacy” from the menu.

Microsoft account | Home

Scroll down, and under “Other Privacy Settings” click on "Apps and services on the right side of the page.

Then scroll down till you see eM Client and click “Edit” See below example.

Finally click “Remove these permissions” as per example below.


HI, thanks for reply.

I need the same for “Office 365 small business”.