One of the four gmail accounts does not sync under gmail with 2-step verification

I have 4 accounts on Everything set in eMClient. However, after changing the authentication to two-phase - 3 accounts I work and 1 does not. Do you have any idea what this might cause? This is the account I use to sign in to Chrome …
Of course, I was able to turn off 2-step verification in my account settings. But I would have left him if I could find out why that one account can’t log in and the others can

jueves 09 diciembre 2021 :: 1443hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Mikik

I presume all were working prior to change to 2 step verification.
Is the account that no longer works a POP account and the other 3 IMAP?
If it is POP you cannot use 2 step verification, and have 2 options:
1./ Change the account to IMAP
2./ Use with less-secure setup.

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Thanks for the effort @skybat
nn. of course there are all 4 IMAP.
And when setting up this Google account, I turned off 2-step verification again, so eMClient works. But it bothers me that it doesn’t work …
Rather, I think it will have something to do with the account used to sign in to Chrome (others don’t). A second mobile confirmation was required to log in …
I did not confirm the other 3 accounts anywhere in this way …

I would remove the problem Gmail IMAP account from eM Client that doesn’t work and re-enable 2 step verification on that account. Then re-add the account in eM Client via the automatic wizard.

If that still fails to add via the automatic mail acct wizard, at what point does it fail ?. Eg: Do you get up to clicking the “Allow Google acct” in the browser at the end of the wizard.