one license for several computers?

I am very interested in this software, however, is it necessary to purchase several license for each computer that i use? i.e. home desktop, laptop, work, ipad, & even Android phone??

Yes, eM Client license is unique and linked to one computer. You will have to buy another PRO license, or install a Free version of eM Client. If you purchase more licenses, we can offer you a significant discount - please contact me directly at if you are interested.

For personal use, it would be nice if the PRO license were extensible to several machines. Most households have more than one (e.g., 2 laptops), making scaling license costs less than practical.

+1 to this!!! I’ve commented on this before. This is the BIGGEST reason that I no longer use eM Client. I have several PC’s all of which are setup with multiple operating systems. What a PITA to have to contact someone, why don’t you guys just offer a Pro license that covers multiple installs?!?!?

I just wanted to buy the pro license - however, I use my desktop and my laptop and I really don’t want to buy two licenses.

If the license is bound to one computer - what happens when this computer breaks down and I buy a new one? Do I have to rebuy a license.
Just to let you know: Microsoft tried this with Office 2013 but in Germany it is illegal. Customers must have the chance to transfer their license to a new pc.

Is this issue solved already? I am as well very interested if i can install em client on my laptop, desktop and ipad or do I need 3 licenses? If so I will prefer to buy a MSOutlook program or even install Thunderbird. Kindly let me know asap. Thanks

did since then anything change?

No, we are still running the license-per-machine model.

This is not an issue - we simply offer PRO license per machine only. However, if you purchase 3 licences at once, the unit price is only 33.98 USD and total price is about 101 USD.

Well, this “non-issue” is one of a few reasons why I no longer use this and went back to Thunderbird on all of my systems.


This is really not issue, this is simply our licensing model.


It may not be an issue to you, but I’m sure that this has kept your number of Pro installs down from what it could have been. I do know of a few people that I once recommended emClient to. They tried it and liked it, but also refused to pay for each machine (or each install), so they moved on.

I would have happily paid for a Pro license if it included multiple installs. $33 per install is just too much when you have multiple systems that dual boot Windows and Linux.


I’ve been informed that there is possible way how to overcome this please write to