one email sync with 3 devices

Im looking for a email client that I can use on my desktop, laptop and tablet that will allow all the emails and folders to sync between all three devices. So if I delete an email from my desktop I won’t have to re-delete it from my laptop, or have the sent email show on all devices…things like this. Can eM client do all this for me? If so how many licenses or what kind of account do I need to buy to have one email address sync with three devices.

unfortunately eM Client is not supported on any tablet but you can use it without any problems on your PC and laptop. If you will use IMAP protocol, all your data will automatically synchronize with the email application built in the tablet.
eM Client license is meant to be used on one computer only so you have to purchase two licenses, but when you purchase multiple license you will get a significant discount. Please visit this page: