One database, different access, private user

The support of Outlook 2003 is running out those days, so I ́m looking for an alternative.

After installing the demo version of eM Client I ́m very impressed. The installation routine and the syncing with the google account worked very fine.

I ́m a private user with more than two mail accounts. I would like to store ONE database on my NAS-Server and have access to it from my desktop, laptop and netbook. If I understand it right, I would need three single licenses for this!?!?

I don ́t want to use the free license and I ́m willing to pay for a good software. But I don ́t understand the price politics of eM Client Inc.

Do you really buy the same Music-CD three times to play it in three different players???

Sorry, by this you ́re disqualifying yourself. What a bummer!

Greetings from Germany

B. Friederichs

Hi, unfortunately if you need to use more than two email accounts you would have to purchase license for all the devices, but you can also buy a multi-license on which you can get better deals than buying three single licenses.
For more information about our pricing contact our sales department at

Also I would not recommend using one database on all your devices using the NAS-Server setting, that would most probably end up with a broken database and you’d end up being unable to access any of those data.

Thank you for understanding,