one computer two users

After working years with office we recently decided to change privatly to emclient.
We means two users on one desktop computer using win 7 home.
EMclient version 6.0.21040.0 in German. Bullguard firewall.
Both users registered for a free licence.

When opening emclient I now get the message that the client could not connect to the server for 14 days and is now working in offline modus.
There is no way of getting it back into online modus.

Emails are downloaded on start but without pictures.

When checking the licence I found that the licence of the second user is shown.
Deactivation did not work because of offline modus.

new download of installer and repair did not work. error message
The file trDbBackupResourceFile cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file “”. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from CD-ROM or a problem with this package.

My first impression of the program had been favourable but now I do not know how to get every running again.
For the second user it works perfectly also dowloading the complete emails.

Any help will be appreciated

Hi Michael, if you’re using a firewall software on your computer, can you try to disable the firewall protection and check if the issue with licensing server persists? If it does, can you try to access in your browser?

Can you please make a screenshot of the second issue, this issue suggests a faulty installation of the application.
Can you try to download this installer and uninstall the application using this installer, then reinstall the application?

Thank you,

Dear Paul,
I already checked and disabled the bullguard firewall.
But no changes.
When opening emclient the programm shortly connects to the server.
I can see all messages but without content.
I am able to mark them for download the next time.
This really happens when closing em and opening it again.
The connection time is too short to download any pictures or attachements.
It is not possible to send any messages from my user anymore.
From the second user (now shown in my licence window) it works perfectly.
I can open the  page of the license manager at But I am not aware of my group, user or password.
Is it generally possible to have two licenses for two users on the same computer?
They are both using the same installation.
If I uninstall the program, will all the content be lost?
error message attached.
It appeared when downloading the installer, opening it and starting repair.
I am looking forward to your feedback.
Best regards,


Hi Michael, this seems to be a system issue, eM Client has never been distributed on a regular CD/DVD drive and should not display such error, this might be caused by missing data in your current installation.
Do you know what version of eM Client you currently have installed on your computer, if you’re able to run the application, please navigate to Help > About and check for the exact version number?

Do you have any other security software such as proxy or antivirus enabled on your computer? If so, please make sure to disable these types of security while testing the connection between your client and the server.
Some security software can cause issues for other application while they’re trying to access the network.

Thank you,

P.S. It is also not possible to use two licenses on a single instance of eM Client.


Dear Paul,

version 6.0.21040.0

The Security Software we use is bullguard.
But even when disableing ist, there is no change.

When opening emclient, it shortly downloads the emails and displays them in the overview. When trying to open an email I get the information that I am offline and the content will be downloaded the next time I am online.

First I installed emclient on our computer usung my user and worked with it myself.
I also got me a licence.

After testing the program for some time I also set up my wifes account (on a separate user) and got her a licence.

When I now check the licence window using my user, it shows my wifes licence, not mine.
The installation works fine for my wife’s user and emclient account.

Therefore I think it is a problem that my wife and I use the same installation of emclient on the computer but two separate users. Is that what you mean by instance?


Hi Michael, yes one instance = one installation, during the application’s installation, you should be prompted if you want to install the application for use with current account only or if you want to install the application for all users. Only one license should be entered, and each user profile should have it’s own database folder in his/hers local folder > App Data > Roaming.


Dear Paul,
Thanks for the help. But how can I solve the situation now?
By uninstalling ? Does this delete the existing data?

Hi again Michael, if you’ve installed the application for the current user only, you’d have to re-install the application and select the option to install for all users.
By uninstalling your current eM Client installation you should not lose your data and it should remain safe in your Roaming folder.

However creating a backup of your data is always safer. You can create a backup using the built-in backup feature.

Hope this helps,

Dear Paul,

I just uninstalled EMclient and reinstalled it.
It does not ask whether I want to install it for one user or all.
Also the licence remains the same.
Do I have to delete any additional files, e.g. licence files?