One click to open email message

Is it possible to open emails with one click?


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@SimonF Using Em Client V8 Windows, you can “Press the enter / key” on the subject which will open the email in one go without dbl-clicking your mouse.

I personally prefer to just use the “Auto Preview Pane” to view emails to avoid any dbl-clicking either with the “preview on the right” of the subject or the “preview under the subject” via “Menu / View / Layout” option.

Thanks Cyberzork. I guess I am of that age where “I like what I like …” and both your solutions are not quite what I would choose. I have everything set (where I can) for a single click. It seems to me that in this day and age it’s quite a reasonable ask so hopefully eM Client (of which I am a great fan) will listen.

Thanks again


+1 for single click to open the email message.