One account Unable to connect

I have two accounts on the free version both of which are gmail accounts. I am using version 8-2-1159. I’ve tried to update but the response is no update available. One account works fine but the other has a red triangle against it saying “Connection Failed” (and says this could be due to incorrect settings etc etc).
I’m at a bit of a loss because it was working fine until today. Gmail is working fine when I go in direct and is working fine on other devices (although they are not using emc). The fact that one account works fine and the other doesn’t has me puzzled.
Can anyone advise please… Settings:-
Imap - Port 993
STMP - Port 587
From what I can see no settings have changed.

If you have already tried rebooting your computer, then suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then remove the Gmail account that is giving you the connection failed error and re-add the Gmail account again via the automatic email wizard.

This is the normal Gmail IMAP and SMTP settings for accounts.

This may or may not help with your problem but it may help to be running the latest versions. You can get the latest v8.2 OR v9 HERE