One account stuck on "syncing"

My trial period is almost up, and I’d like to purchase…but not if I can’t get this resolved.

I have 4 accounts set up; 3 on one domain and a 4th on another. The standalone account and the two minor accounts sync just fine, but the main default account has been stuck “syncing” for days. I originally thought it was because I set it to download mail for offline use, and it’s a large account. But I’ve since turned that option off, and I still have the same issue.

If I exit and restart, it scans all accounts and shows new mail, and then goes into perpetual sync mode again on the default account. It also won’t show new mail on that account until I restart.

All ports and settings look fine, no errors, and it passes diagnostics test fine. Any ideas?

I’m using version 7.0.26861.0

Anyone? Anyone at all.  :)

I took the sticky account offline and everything is peachy. Made sure it was not set to download for offline use, rechecked the SMTP and IMAP boxes to bring it back online, and still stuck syncing. Also updated to the latest 27744 which made no difference.

Can it really take days or weeks to initially sync an account?

My trial is almost up and this is a deal breaker. I’m not paying for  software that I have to constantly restart to check for messages on a sync-stuck account.