One account still won't stop syncing. Help!

I have one account that is STILL perpetually syncing, even after deleting it and setting it up again. My other 3 accounts (two on the same server with same settings as the problem account) work fine.

Any ideas? Does something get left behind when deleting an account, so that EMC just picked up where it left off when I recreated the account? When I delete the account, should I go into the folders and manually find something to delete? 

If I turn off/on logging or restart, new emails are shown for the problem account. Otherwise it’s just perpetually “Downloading messages”, even though it isn’t set to download for offline use, and all headers seem to be shown. (About 3700 inbox and 3800 sent). 

FWIW, this problem started when I changed that account originally to be used offline. After days of “downloading messages”, I changed it back to NOT download messages, and then deleted and recreated the account…but it’s still stuck.

This is wearing me right the hell out and making me want to uninstall the software, even though I like the rest of it for the most part.

Hello Calan,
when you remove an account all files should be removed with it.
Does the account work correctly or are there any errors in the Error/Log tab?


No errors at all, and it seems to be working fine… other than it just never stops syncing and it won’t show new mail unless I “retrigger” it by restarting EMC or turning logging on/off.

Hello Calan,
what account does this happen on?
Is it Gmail/iCloud/Microsoft account/other mail server provider account?
Is it set up as POP/IMAP/Exchange?


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My trial period is almost up, and I’d like to purchase…but not if I can’t get this resolved.

I have 4 accounts set up; 3 on one domain and a 4th on another. The standalone account and the two minor accounts sync just fine, but the main default account has been stuck “syncing” for days. I originally thought it was because I set it to download mail for offline use, and it’s a large account. But I’ve since turned that option off, and I still have the same issue.

If I exit and restart, it scans all accounts and shows new mail, and then goes into perpetual sync mode again on the default account. It also won’t show new mail on that account until I restart.

All ports and settings look fine, no errors, and it passes diagnostics test fine. Any ideas?

I’m using version 7.0.26861.0

I have experienced this same issue and walked away from the product for several months due to any lack of resolution on it.  I decided to check in today to see if it may have been resolved.  Is this still an issue for you?  I’m not seeing it on this latest installation, but I’m having other issues that I’ve posted a separate thread on.

Oh yeah… still the same old crap. One account that just forever syncs and won’t show new emails unless I restart it.

I installed WLM 2012 this afternoon on this same box, using the exact same accounts and exact same settings…and it downloaded and synced all 4 accounts in about 30 minutes, smooth as silk.

This sucks. I really, REALLY want to like EMC for some of the features it has over WLM, but it’s so buggy it’s ridiculous. 

It is one of three standard IMAP accounts hosted through my ISP. No SSL or anything fancy, ports 143 and 50. No virus scanner running, etc. 

I’ve completely removed all 3 accounts and started over (restarting the PC and deleting all log files in between… just because), and the same thing happens. Two of the accounts finish syncing, the third (larger one) hangs when the progress bar is at about 90%. Since there are no details shown as to which message is being downloaded like WLM provides, I have no idea if it’s hanging on a specific message or what. There are no errors, diagnostics are fine, DB repair tool doesn’t find any issues.

FWIW, Windows Live Mail downloaded all messages and synced perfectly in about 20-30 minutes when I installed it and set it up with the exact same settings as eM Client earlier today.

For anyone interested, I just got off the phone with my ISP and we went through everything possible, and there are no issues anywhere. They even restarted the server on their end, and I tried a different hosting domain name with SSL enabled…same results. Everything syncs fine, emails are downloaded or sent, and then that one account hangs where it always does.

This is so frustrating. No offense to anyone, but it doesn’t help that I have to wait 24 hours between each and every response here, assuming one comes.

Hello Calan,
when the ‘Downloading messages’ gets stuck like you say, please go to the Log tab (in the same Tools>Operations window) and copy its contentc for me, please.

Hello Calan,
just to adress your issue with support - PRO license users can use our ticket system where our support engineers will assist them quickly with their specfic issues or questions.
This is a community forum for FREE users, monitored by eM Client support staff.
Thank you for understanding.


I am well aware of that. What you guys don’t seem to be aware of is that I’m not paying money for buggy, pre-release software that I can’t get to work, with no reason to believe it will be fixed once I buy a license…based on what I’ve been reading in these forums.

If you want my money, have someone respond to me via email (quicker than once every three or 4 days) and get this rudimentary issue of a basic account that won’t sync resolved…and I’ll gladly purchase a license.  ;)

Ummm ok, but why? I’ve mentioned several times that there is nothing out of the ordinary shown in that window. :slight_smile:

In fact, that log window is pretty much useless as it doesn’t give any detail at all about what is actually going on. How about showing WHICH folders are being synced, or what number out of how many messages being downloaded?