on windows 10 my free AVG anti virus is somehow blocking my Gmail account

on windows 10 eM my gmails dont send when I have AVG anti virus ON. it is ok when OFF. i can send an email from another account (Ihug.co.nz) from eM on the same PC to gmail and it receives that email when AVG is ON. It seems AVG is blocking just the gmail sent emails but not the ones received. When I refresh the screen with AVG ON it comes up error gmail not connecting. I cannot find any setting in AVG which wil allow eM or Gmail through the AVG anti virus. Whay can I do?

Hello Dannello,

As this issue is related to the 3rd party software I would recommend asking the AVG support. From what I can advise in this case, I found a similar thread on AVG support board: https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=How-to-make-exclusions-from-all-scans-an… According to this, you can place an exception on .exe file. Try adding our .exe to these exceptions and see if it helps.